Where I Stand on the Issues!

Two years ago, I walked every precinct and knocked on over 3,000 doors. I listened and learned while chatting with voters and the input was invaluable.  You wanted what I want: Funding to provide for an excellent public education for pre-K through 12th grade, our university system & technical training (for future Alaska Gasline jobs); affordable healthcare; improved public safety & safe neighborhoods for our families; increased mental health and drug & alcohol treatment services; protect our PFD & diversified economic development & good paying jobs.

   Now, more than ever, as we continue to face serious fiscal challenges, Alaska needs to elect individuals who will not be afraid to stand up and putting politics aside, work together on realistic long-term solutions (remember the long-term, sustainable fiscal plan?).  Blazing these new pathways and making honest decisions based on matters of principal will go a long way towards ensuring Alaskans a more stable, secure and prosperous economic future and better quality of life for future generations.  The clock is ticking.

   So, where do we go from here?  Good government depends on the election of  leaders who are passionately dedicated to working for the best interests of all citizens in the tradition of our Alaska Spirit of  shared values and responsibility.  I can honestly commit to you, I will always choose in the “public’s interest” rather than that of “special interest.”  

   I would appreciate your support.   

                            Sue  Levi